Friday, 28 February 2014

Now In Digitally Remastered Director's Cut Extended Edition Battalions (3D where available*)

And somewhat less than 28 days later, they're done!

Earthy colours, Kas specified, so leathery browns, dull greens and a few bits of battered white or black. I was going for the idea that they're all fairly recently dead, hastily interred after their village got overrun by something or other, then freshly raised from the mass grave this very morning. By traditional necromantic tradesmen using an age-old recipie. Something about the fairly bright grass sets off the pale flesh nicely.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

In HD Battalions

 Mostly done now! Bases still to complete, plus post-varnish effects and details.

Do the shuffle.
Doo doo doo de doo de doo doo doo

It is possible to over-base a mini, you know.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

In Glorious Technicolour Battalions

Just over half way...
Base coats and some inks down!

Excuse me! Yeah, look, I'm on the exchange program.
I'm looking for my travel buddy, the fimir, can anyone help me?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

In Pale Battalions

Sorry to whoever runs into this on a tabletop first. Kas sent me a pair of zombie boxes to paint up, and I got a little carried away fleshing out the front rank. I've got 50 zombies to paint now, and I've only my own silly self to blame.

Oddly, I'm not too daunted yet. They're so much smaller than the 25mm based Marauders I'm currently used to, I feel optimistic that I can whizz through them.

As long as I paint at least one a day on average, I'll be done in time for the 'Boot!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Hobbit - tDoS Review

'You certainly usually find something, if you look, 
but it is not always quite the something you are after.' 
- J.R.R.Tolkein

I don't remember this bit in the book

Well now, I said I'd do this once I'd seen the film.

Imagine my surprise - there I was, all prepped up with bile and ready to rant. A veritable orc hoard of sarcastic remarks, in fact. But no, it wasn't to be.

It's not a bad film.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Bringing Home The Bacon

Ten weeks until WoffBoot VIII? Damn, I'd better get painting!

My Savage Orc Waaagh! trundles along, slowly but inexorably, and next on the list are the Boar Boyz.

Half of them are taken from the leadpile, while the other half were painted up fifteen years ago and in dire need of a makeover.

Classic Savage Orc Boar Boyz
Primary colours, photocopied banner, transfer stickers on the shields... the '90s was one crazy decade

I recall the 'singed effect' on the base of the banner was created by running a cigarette lighter beneath it. I was 20 at the time, which is a sad indictment of our higher education system.

I was planning on just repainting and rebasing these boys in accordance with the rest of my army. That was until I found the new-style boars (the ones that, radically, look like boars) for my chariots - and once they saw them, everyone wanted one.

After scrounging around the bitz stores, I was able to gather enough new plastic boars to remount my entire unit.

Work in progress - classic Savage Orc Boar Boyz conversions

Monday, 10 February 2014

Back Rank

A last few Marauders, and that's the last of my stock of 25mm bases used up. A total of 52 (hoard shot forthcoming), which ought to do me for now! 

In the Chaos Wastes, one head is never enough. 
You've done well. Have a gold star. 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Kafradin, is that you?

We only had to wait eight years after the campaign ended, and they finally release a miniature! I hope Leofa retained the character rights.

Still holding out for the Brother Barbados mini...

In all seriousness, after seeing the new Dwarf Gyrocopter, I think GW may have its own copyright issues to answer...

Arch-enemy of Sonic.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Brush For Hire

Just a quickie, this.

I'm relatively free right now, certainly in the evenings, and I'm confident that I could brag that I've got more painting time to hand than other Woffboot Generals in the coming two months.

I was thinking of asking General Kas if he wanted a block of Marauders and/or Chaos Knights painting up in advance, for purely selfish reasons. But then it struck me that I could offer something similar to anyone else who's got stuff they want coloured in but no free time.

If anyone wants anything, simply post it to me and I'll bring it along when I come to the 'Boot. I'd be delighted to do something that's a change from my usual mutants and marauders, even if it's relatively dull or simple base colours. So you pay their airfare, I'll provide tints and slog.

I feel entirely free to totally and hurriedly retract this offer in the face of massed (eg) Skaven Slave assaults! Anything up to a unit of thirty or so is fair game, though. More than that and I suspect the quality of any painting done will rapidly drop off.

Deploy the Paint Cannon
Let me know via the comments below!

NB Thanks to General Stylus for pointing out that I originally posted this to my other, non-gaming-related blog. So far none of my relatives have taken me up on the painting offer, but there's still time.