Monday, 30 June 2014

Kill The Dead: Warriors of Chaos vs Vampire Counts

It's All Skype F(r)ight Night!


Stay Down

In the Plain Corner! It's me, General Kraken, with a relatively standard selection of my sloggy footmen. 

In the Bold Corner! It's General Kasfunatu.

Kas gave me a random table to roll on to see what I'd be up against, and I scored a fight with his Ghoul-based Vampire Counts. Sighing, I reached for the Hexwraith countermeasures. 

Of which there are none. So an experimental army instead, several small chaffy units of naked marauders that I hoped to use as redirective cannon fodder, a chariot, some buffed up characters and warriors and a unit of Khornate Chosen. Plus loose change - so I've got lots of units, but they're all quite small. I'm not totally sure MSU is a good look for Chaos, but who knows! 

  • Luks Mortis, Chaos Lord - Scaled Skin, Soul Feeder, Crown of Command, Tormentor Sword
  • Thanator, Exalted Hero - BSB with the ever popular Banner of Discipline
  • Karaktar the Assassinator, Chaos Sorcerer - Level 2 lore of Death, barded chaos steed, chaos familiar, opal amulet, charmed shield, gold sigil sword
  • 10 Chaos Warriors - Marks of Slaanesh, shields, Lichebone Pennant
  • 10 Marauder scum - Naked
  • 10 Marauder scum - Also Naked
  • 10 More Marauder scum - Birthday Suits
  • 1 Chariot
  • 10 Chosen of Khorne - Marks of Khorne, shields, Banner of Swiftness
  • 1 Warshrine
  • Chaos Spawn of Slaanesh

I had delved in to my pile of unplayed 1600 pt lists and ended up with one of the undead lists. I think I fancied the Tzeentch daemon chances (another option) but I could not decide (hence the roll)... I quite liked it as a way of choosing, I may try again on the next battle. (And when proxying it really didn't matter that they looked like).

The undead list spent all their core points on one horde of ghouls, I opted for a corpsecart (mainly to reduce the WoCs casting ability rather than the ASF boost), then a minimum sized units of bloodknights. The blood knights were joined by a vampire, I had a lone vampire on a hellsteed for character/chariot hunting, and a vampire lord with the ghouls.

Death By Proxy

  • Lord Varys, Vampire lord lvl3 lore of vampire, enchanted shield, heavy armour, great weapon, red fury, quickblood
  • 39 Crypt ghouls with champion
  • Prince Fazir, Vampire, lvl2 lore of vampire, nightmare, heavy armour, shield, warrior bane, obsidian amulet
  • 4 blood knights with command and flag of the blood keep
  • Corpse cart with balefire
  • Squire Horax, Vampire lvl1 lore of vampire, hellsteed, shield, great weapon, armour of destiny, beguile

Sunday, 29 June 2014

And Tau For Something Completely Different

Did somebody say there was a Crisis?

Another commission from General Kas, this time some 40 000 years into the future. I'd always fancied trying my hand at Tau, because although I don't really like the fluff, I think the miniatures can look pretty cool. They also present a pretty specific set of challenges that I wanted to have a go at.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Helven is a Place on Earth: Warriors of Chaos vs High Elves

It's All Skype Fight Night!

With the temporary addition of General Kasfunatu to the Swedish Woff Contingent, it was time for some LWFB action! 

I'll be writing in normal type, Kasfunatu in Bold. 


What better time to conclude my Elven Trilogy than with a general who doesn't have any experience of fielding from the 8th Ed list? After learning so much from the first two matches, surely I'd have a hope this time. 

That'd be me then! I don't think I even played High Elves with 7th rules; and their last outing was prior to Woffboot IV. 

I decided on a fairly similar approach to my grand success against the Wood Elves. A decent unit of warriors, a Nurgle sorceror general, disciplinarian BSB and backup Tzeentchian sorceror for shooting. Plus some Nurgle Marauders with great weapons, because if you're going to hit last, you may as well hit hard. For support, a chariot, a warshrine and (making his debut) the Shaggoth. 

Nurgle wizardry ought to scare the elven toughness a bit. And weirdly, Tzeentchian sorcery makes a decent bedfellow to it, specifically to Curse of the Leper. Random strength missiles like lower toughness, and it makes it harder to give your enemy regeneration by mistake. 

Bad For Yer Elf 

Kheyslyme Py, Sorceror Lord - Mark and lore of Nurgle lvl 3, Chaos Familiar, Dispel Scroll, Crown of Command - 330
Wild Billy Tentacles, Sorceror - Mark and Lore of Tzeentch, 3rd Eye of Tzeentch, Charmed Shield, Luckstone - 180
Ordar Urdargh, Exalted Hero - BSB with Banner of Discipline, Shield - 153
15 Chaos Warriors - Full command and shields - 255
15 Chaos Marauders - Full command, light armour, shields, great weapons, mark of Nurgle - 225
Chariot - 110
Warshrine - 130
Shaggoth - additional hand weapon - 220

[Apologies - no army shots right now, we forgot in the thick of things. We played on a timer, the end point being the return of my daughter from a shopping expedition.]

For the elves I wanted to try a phoenix, and so one of those had to be added, you should never leave home without a bolt thrower, and people tell me that Eagles are great redirectors (and despite never quite managing this as successfully as I think I should - I was going to keep trying) - which meant that my rare choices were already full.

I decided that I would take one block of special troops, and then fill my core with archers (some static and some fast cav). The core was made of two small groups of archers, and a small group of reavers to nip behind and annoy. My block was made up of phoenix guard.

Whilst I did worry about not including a lvl 3 or even 4 mage, I wanted to try the new Loremaster and so although I knew I was potentially weaker in the magic phase, the options of all the CRB signatures could prove interesting, Aithlin stepped up to the challenge.

Unlike my usual Ogre/Vamp lists where taking a BSB is costly, it is far easier, and therefore even more worth their points when the hero holding it is that much cheaper - so introducing Bellas the BSB.
With a concern over magic, I opted for a second lvl2 mage; and Cluyn the metal mage joined the fray.

The International Elf Service

Aithlin, Loremaster of Hoeth - Obsidian Amulet - 260
Bellas, Noble - BSB w/banner of discipline - 116
Cluyn, Mage - lvl 2 metal, dispel scroll - 145
10 Archers - Musician - 110
12 Archers - Musician - 130
8 Reavers - Musician, Bows - 162
18 Phoenix Guard - Full command with banner of movement - 315
Frostheart Phoenix - 240
Bolt thrower - 70
Great Eagle - 50

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Savage Garden Leave

My Savage Orc army project is now officially wrapped. Actually, they were done in time for WoffBoot VIII, but I hadn't got around to taking a full army shot as the piece de resistance...

Savage Orc army
Et voilàaagh!

By my calculations, this represents over a quarter of my eventual Waaagh!, although I'm fairly certain the remaining contingents won't be as painted in such a structured way - I'll just grab whatever I fancy out of the leadpile and see where we end up.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

EXT: Log Fence

I think the most important thing about making model terrain is the excellent excuse it gives you to eat more lollies.

Vermin Brown planks with brown ink freehand, Scorched Brown mud, black with grey drybrush stones. Lovers of detail will note that the lollies were originally Pear Splits from what used to be Walls. But walls made of planks wouldn't be the same.

This ought to have been the work of about two hours, not including drying time, but it's somehow taken me nearly three weeks. Slight hobby slump, other than actual battles, at the moment - I really don't have much that I fancy painting right now. That's about to change, with some generous donations from General Stylus, but all in good time...

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Da Monstaaagh! Mash: Savage Orcs vs Warriors of Chaos

It's All-Skype Fight Night!


My turn to host the SkypeBoot, and that meant only one thing: up into the attic to blow the cobwebs off the Big Board!

The foundation of our 6th Edition battles.

After printing out all the spell cards for Big Waaagh! and Little Waaagh! (why, GW, why wouldn't you just sell them to me?), I became quite industrious with cardboard cut-outs. 

I've long-coveted Gen East's Arc of Visibility, and finding none in the online stores, went ahead and printed my own:

Arc of Visibility - Eye of Sauron
I See You.

As well as some Animosity Counters, to remind me which of my units were squabbling.

Animosity Counters
My hopes weren't high.


I knew I'd likely be facing a lot of tough infantry, so went for an army of cunning brutality (rather than brutal cunning).

  • The Big 'Uns have never let me down yet, so I went with a whopping 32 of them (I thought a horde formation would be too unwieldy - and most of my attacks come from the front rank anyway - so I went 7-wide, which would allow for manoeuvre, but also maximise attacks against any 5-wide unit)
  • An 8-strong unit of Trolls was my other big hitter. I've never used Trolls in these numbers before, but if they could do what they were told, they could be awesomely effective.
  • The small unit of Boarboys was just to clear away any chaff units that might upset/redirect my big units.
  • The Giant to perform a similar role - hold up a flank, or stop any nasty monsters getting to my main units.
  • And finally a chariot, because they usually come in handy for support.
  • My general was a Lv 4 Shaman, kitted out with the optimum combination to boost the Big 'Uns and protect himself (if I could cast Fists of Gork as well, he'd be something of a combat monster himself)
  • I took a Battle Standard, as I needed the leadership to restrain Frenzy and keep the Trolls from going stupid.
  • I also added another Big Boss to the unit, partly to have someone to accept challenges (and keep my General and BSB safe) - I also had it in mind that he could leave the unit and lead the Trolls, if needed (like if my General suddenly expired).

For spells, I rolled Brain Bursta, 'Eadbutt, Fists of Gork (yay!) and 'Ere We Go. A decent enough mix, although it's been a while since I went to battle without Foot of Gork (must be getting its verrucas seen to).

Da 'Eavy Mob

Savage Orc army
Go big, or go home.
And I was already playing at home.

Skullfink da Arkane, Savage Orc Shaman Lord – Lvl 4, Lucky Shrinken Head. Fencer's Blades Obsidian Trinket
Noggchoppa, Savage Orc Big Boss BSB - Great Weapon, Standard of Discipline
Rokhamma, Savage Orc Big Boss - Additional hand weapon. Potion of Speed
32 x Savage Orc Big 'Uns - Additional hand weapon, Big Stabba, Full Command
5 x Savage Orc Boar Boyz - Spears, Shields. Musician
1 x Boar Chariot
8 x Common Trolls
1 x Giant


My opponent was to be Kraken, who will be representing himself in bold type.

Shadows 'n' Marauders

Finally, an army I could take my heavy infantry blocks against without a grim feeling of futility! Merely cautious anxiety instead. Orcs and Goblins can hit just as hard as Warriors in close combat, and are an unpredictable foe at the best of times. 

  • Savage Orcs would mean a massive pack of naked savages. What better to meet them than an even more massive pack of naked savages? Fifty vanilla marauders, please. 
  • Two units of WoCs, for versatility and general menace
  • Another crack with the SlaanOgres, as flank guards
  • Nothing says 'I'm going to kill the giant I suspect will make an appearance' like a Daemon Prince of Khorne. With wings, for flanking. 
  • Lore of Shadows has good spells for nerfing tough, strong foes. Or outright killing them with initiative tests. A level 2 sorceror for that. 
  • Battle standard bearer and banner of discipline would be needed - with the general flying around bellowing and killing, I'd need the leadership bonuses to hold a line.
  • Spawn! Because they're rubbish but entertaining, and I reckoned they might work to disrupt or hold off flankers for a bit. I had a susicion those painted river trolls I'd seen might be coming out, so some fiery Tzeentch spawn to burn them and a nippy Slaanesh spawn to tickle them. 
All those marks of Slaanesh and naked marauders made me decide this is clearly a fairly S&M army, hence its title. Makes me uncomfortable, though. Good old fashioned Tzeentchians next time round for me. 

I got the full Edgar Allen of spells - both Pit of Shades and Penumbral Pendulum. Getting both off in one turn would probably be unlikely, though, so I swapped the Pendulum for Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma - good synergy between the two. By firing a cheaper miasma off I could potentially burn dispel dice for a knockout punch.

Matt Daemon, Daemon Prince
 - Chaos armour, Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic Flight, Soul Feeder
Kelmoth Shadepit, Chaos Sorcerer - Lv 2 Shadow, Dispel Scroll, Enchanted Shield
Jerek Darkoby, Exalted Hero BSB - Standard of Discipline
50 x Chaos Marauders - Full Command
10 x Warriors of Chaos - Shields, Full Command
10 x Warriors of Chaos - Shields, Full Command
4 x Chaos Ogres - Mark of Slaanesh
1 x Chaos Spawn - Spawn of Slaanesh
1 x Chaos Spawn - Spawn of Tzeench


In Glorious Technicolour

In Close Proximity

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

From the Dettol it rises...

Dettol has long been my stripping agent of choice: cheap, clean and safe, and as long as you obey the rule not to bring in soapy water until the model is fully cleaned (otherwise your toothbrush gunks up), your model will be fully restored.

Dettol strip paint from miniatures
I live again!

(I guess the *other* rule is that you should use an old toothbrush, not your current one, but I hope that's evident).

But I've never really tested its limits. The majority of my restorations have been metal miniatures with water-based paint (often with no base and no varnish - the whole reason they were getting stripped was because the paintjob was rubbish) - and with metal, you could really throw any substance at it, scrub hard as you like, and still get the paint off without damaging the miniature beneath.

But what about plastic? Some of the early paint strippers I used were so strong they would melt away anything that wasn't metal. Dettol seemed to be okay (having tested it on a few slottabases), but would it remove a stubborn paint job, and still leave the model beneath intact?

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Trying out the new rules

Reinbowarrior had recently purchased the new shiny 7th edition rule books for 40k. Whilst I have to admit that the production is nice, and the split into three books works well for what actually is needed (and probably better on the spines) I will wait for the a5 book of only rules to become available. Whilst a book of fluff and a book of pictures are nice: they are not worth the extra expense. Plus I really don't 40k with many people and they probably have books already.

So what's changed... well it's hard to tell. I kept getting confused by fantasy rules, so if there was a change from 6th to 7th I may have missed it. One that was hard to miss was the psychic phase.

I was umming and arring between playing tau and daemons (they are my two 40k choices), and I had played nurgle quite a bit, so I knew it would not be them. Reinbow then requested that I took daemons to make sure we could play test the psychic rules, so tau were out. He took 'nids, so that he could do the same. I had tried a Tzeentch list previously once in 40k and played so badly and was utterly annihilated, I thought I would give it another go... I didn't realise how good it could have been.

EXT: Frosty Bogs

Dirt cheap, these. Or cheap dirt, one of the two.

As part of my continued thrift drive, I'm trying to find things I can make and do that cost no money at all. Or at least very little - a fresh bottle of PVA from a local modelling store was the only thing I bought for this project.

They're based on card taken from some household litter coated with PVA and sand (the Dreadstone Blight is on a pizza box). Once the PVA is dry, I washed in very watery Scorched Brown paint for the lighter bits, same as the rest of my bases, and Vermin Brown for the darker areas. Scorched Grass and Middenland Tufts for the greenery.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Doomfired: Chaos Warriors vs Dark Elves

It's All Skype Fight Night!

I'm not sure what I was thinking, challenging the Dark Elves. Coming hot on the heels of a sound tabling to their woody cousins last week, picking a fight with another potentially very shooty army was probably just asking for it.

With that in mind, I set about picking some solid infantry and some faster flankers. One with the inevitable Doomfire Warlocks in mind.

Courageous Chaos Warriors

Chaos Sorceror Lord lvl 3 - Lore of Shadow, enchanted shield, talisman of endurance, dispel scroll
Exalted Hero BSB - Standard of Discipline
Sorceror of Tzeentch lvl 1 - Mark and Lore of Tzeentch, mounted on Warshrine
15 Chaos Warriors - shields and full command
30 Chaos Marauders - shields, light armour, full command
6 Chaos Ogres - Mark of Slaanesh, full command
Gorebeast Chariot - Mark of Tzeentch

Yeah, we've crossed the line. Bring it. 

Is it terribly cheesy to tool up your ogre unit as Doomfire hunters? Maybe. Although I doubt it's a common tactic, and at least I have them painted up authentically. And let's be honest, they're unlikely to ever reach the target, but it's nice to have the threat on the table.

Shadow Lore principally to try and get some movement restriction (Miasma) on the table. I toyed with some shooty Lore of Fire and hoping to get the flame cage spell, but I'd rather have something reliable. I also got the Pit of Shades and Enfeebling Foe for the boss, who was also porting enough armour to be a reasonable prospect in a fight as well.

His backup sorceror, an attempt to give the warshrine some ranged firepower, rolled the terrifying Infernal Gateway spell, just about the best result he could get. I'm not keen on the Lore of Tzeentch, although it certainly promises to be entertaining. Rules-wise, I think Nurgle has all the best cards, which seems backwards to me, but hey ho.

Now let's see what I'm up against.

Dastardly Dark Elves

Supreme Sorceress lvl 4 - dark steed, talisman of endurance, dispel scroll
Master - Great weapon, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, cloak of twilight, dark pegasus
Master BSB - Dawnstone, steed, halberd, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield
9 Dark Riders - repeater crossbows, shields, command
5 Dark Riders - repeater crossbows, shields, musician
10 Darkshards - repeater crossbows, shields, Banner of Eternal Flame
8 Doomfire Warlocks - Because why wouldn't you
3 Reaper Bolt Throwers - Yes three
5 Harpies

Fielding a lot of cavalry and warmachines really plays to the traditional weaknesses of my proxy collection. The Reapers were played by a trio of Naggarond monsters - the spitting hydra, the spike-flinging black scorpion and the giant phlegm-coughing tentacled worm beast thing. Sticklers for tradition, those Dark Elves. 

Yes, here we go again. Shooty mobility all over the shop, with some really nasty firepower in the form of bolt throwers and an assassiny Master on a dark pegasus. At least I got the Doomfire Warlocks right, I was half dreading an unexpected block of Witch Elves or similar. Come back, Wood Elves, all is forgiven.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Nobody Expects

I mentioned these in passing the other day (you know, when we won an award, did we mention that?) and here they are.

Acolyte Raviel Hoth and assorted servoskulls

These date back to the golden age of yore, when General Leofa and I shared a house and played Advanced Heroquest to pass the long summer evenings. They were promoting the newly released Grey Knights/Inquisition army list back then, with spanking models to match, and I went out and impulse bought as many as I could. Which back then, because I was still a working doctor, was most of them.

Techpriest Graiph, the Daemonhost Sahaedra, Thorian Inquisitor Brend Morowicz and a passing Callidus Assassin