Monday, 7 August 2017

X-Wing: Twofer

Cancellations! Of normal social events, anyway. Which meant Kas and I squeezed an extra game of X-wing into our week. 

With a very delayed write up!

And then, some weeks later, a second outing, replete with the new Wave 11 ships.

New toys!

Two reports for the price of one, then!

Do you think this is Game of Thrones Star Wars humor at

Rabble vs Numb

Oh look, I took scum again. Will I never learn?

Can't quite recall what I was thinking with this lot, this is a late writeup. Not much synergy with them, but all pretty reasonable scrappers in their own rights, so I guess they could all try to focus fire on the rebel enemies or dogfight about independently as required.

As for me, I misread the surnames and and thought I would play a list of fishy-family members. But I only found two, and even then they weren't the same. 

Nien Nunb looked like a great candidate for the stressbot. Shoot we both get stress, which I discard. Nice Nunb.

Then Numb was all about uncancelled hits. Normal hits can't be cancelled by defense dice and one crit can't be cancelled at all. 

Roark was just there to make up the numbers and try something different.

Turn 1-3

Off we set, with my guys sticking together in a little blob in the top left quadrant and the rebels rather more spread out on the other side.

My attempt to pull him with the HWK did not work, so started flying back in to join the squad, whilst the other two meandered forward.

As we streaked towards each other, I let the Mist Hunter tail behind a bit, with a rough idea that the others would weaken targets with shots and mines, then it could snipe off anyone who made it through. Kas probably had a similar idea with his HWK, which would also be trying to support the frontline with its focus abilities.

I decide to split up and spread arcs (I think).

Sure enough, both our first waves gleefully engaged targets and began chipping each other's shields. I'd decided I'd punch straight through and try and take out the HWK with my lead ships - it had a lot of abilities on it, but it's not a great dogfighter. The Mist Hunter kept hanging back, ready to use its tractor beam to throw the incoming X-wing into some asteroids.

Errr... it didn't really have any good abilities on it. But that's cool: go the HWK.

Turn 4-6

Funnily enough, Kas seemed to have a similar plan to me, and his more nimble ships convened on my back line even as mine opened up on his. Zuvio dropped his bomb to hurt the B-wing as it roared past, which felt as good as ever. I like bombs.

I hate bombs.... although I do seem quite attracted to them!

It all came out as a bit inconclusive, though. The HWK shrugged off the weight of my fire, and although the Mist Hunter took a bit of a beating, it tractored the nearest enemy into asteroids, where it struggled to shoot or maneuver.


Now trailing smoke, the Mist Hunter sped off with an X-wing K-turning in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, the HWK ploughed glibly forward as my guys wheeled round it, but I'd misjudged my distances a bit and the Starfighter couldn't quite connect.

As my lot struggled to get back into position, things started coming unglued. Constable Zuvio managed to block that pursuing X-wing, but it didn't stop it shooting up Zuckuss even more. And although I'd knocked shields off all the Rebels, none of them was really struggling, whereas my guys were all looking a bit ropey as Kas's frontline swooped back to reengage in much better firing positions that I had.

Turn 7-8

Sure enough, our days were numbered. Zuckuss exploded first, caught off guard by his pursuer when I tried to turn. And then Old Teroch got shot up from two directions at once, although at least his death allowed Zuvio to replenish his bomb stock with the scavenger crane.

Nice card.

Not that I got a chance to use it. Previous turns had left me stressed, and I needed an action to drop the space mine. I tried to fly fast enough away to buy some time, but the piggish Quadjumper couldn't quite make the distance. Fire from all three Rebels finished me off.

Bomb Voyage vs The Bad List

Some few weeks later, it was time for revenge! I took a two-ship list, two heavily-armed bombers with an unending supply of ordnance.

And one where memory is not going to be so much of a problem.

The all-new Scurrg Bomber looked like a smashing option, and paired with the bomb-heavy Andraste variant of the Slave-1, I'd be coating all of space with explosives. To top this off, I went with Ion cannons and turrets, thinking that it would be much easier to drop bombs on people's heads if I knew where they'd be in advance.

Kas took Empire.

Well it was Rebel last time. I like to mix it up, and there were some new ships to try as the Empire get a turret.

View this squadron at:

I am keen to get Rhymer to work. I have tried him before, but like the Striker and my several fail attempts before getting that to work, I am not giving up yet. He never seems to live up to the potential I expect/intend... My flying strategy needs work when using him.

With two named pilots on the Aggressor, and not immediately liking/seeing the potential on the more expensive one, I took Double Edge with his in built Gunner-lite. Lightweight frame to give a bit of a defensive boost. Deadeye to allow synced turret to fire as long as I was focussed; and unguided rockets I could also use focus for. The turret would be the weapon of choice, but with a focus and if missing then the rockets could then fire.

Finally closing out the list, is one of my favourite ships: Ryad in her Defender. Who does not love a green K-turn... She has a white normally.... But green I tell you. With Mk II engines that's 14 potential green maneuvers to shed any stress may get from PtL. So any 3+ move could give three actions + stress, which can be easily cleared. Love it.

Turns 1-3

My guys would start together. Then I'd send the larger Andraste ahead, while the Havoc lurked behind. Together, they'd ionise incomers and then bomb them to bits as they struggled to move. The Imperials zoomed at us in a loose cloud, likely wanting to whip past and then use their greater manouverability to stay out of trouble. Problem being, who wants to be behind a bomber in this game?

I am experimenting with more spread out, and often angled starting positions. So the Bomberand the Defender start flying towards each other and the Aggressor is going to swing down the edge of the board. I am hoping that I get some Tactician fueled Snapshots out of Rhymer.

Sixxa and the Ryad started trading shots, but nobody connected at this long range. At the same time, Sol Sixxa used his long-range scanners to get an early target lock on Rhymer. While Double Edge winged the Andraste with rockets.

I should have used the turret; would have been better and allowed a reroll given you were in the front. For some reason I misremembered the pilot ability and thought I could ALWAYS fire both... not only if the first missed. Oops.

Next turn, Sol sped towards the Major to give his Cruise Missiles a good speed boost. The Major was pounded from two sides as his escort collided with the Andraste, and then the Ryad found herself just out of arc to return fire on Sol.

Nice barrel roll and defensive play from Sol. 

Not only was the Major left ionised, so he wasn't going to be going anywhere in a hurry, he'd also taken a pair of critical results that left him really struggling to do very much without heaping up stress.

Yes all whites and stressful and all hits are crits. Both have an action to turn off. So I plan on moving hard to where I might get a snapshot off (who cares if I get stress from the move?!) and shutting off the crit crit, and then deal with the stress crit next turn... did you spot my mistake? Yes: I care about getting stress from a move... I now can't turn off the card. oops. Additionally my flying is all too close, so tactician isn't going to kick in anyway! Looks like I am going to have take this one out again as he is not shining in this game...

Turns 4-6

The Imperials took a hefty beating over the next few turns. The Major took heavy fire as Emon first K-turned, then closed up again to pound away from behind, and he didn't last long, getting first ionised again and then powdered in the next turn as he limped off.

He got what he deserved.

And although the nippy Imperials did what you'd expect and started keeping well out of my front arcs to hit from behind, it did them very little good. Sixxa started strewing bomblets behind him with gay abandon. So much abandon, I actually started hurting myself, in fact, as I could use my crazed astromech to drop them after I'd moved instead of before. Kas still took the worse of this, but Ryad also managed to scorch the bomber's hull fairly badly at the same time.

First exchange I think we both took the same damage, totalling up the three times you did it.. I came of worse.

As Ryad turned back for the kill, though, she fell foul of a proton bomb dropped at long range by Emon's ship. And I used the Scurrg's ion turret to hold Double Edge in place for a final round of bomblets that did for him, but I'd screwed up a bit here.

First of all, Ryad's shooting left me with a fire on board, and I forgot to use an action to try and get rid of it in my next movement. Instead, I barrel-rolled to get out of Ryad's arc, which rather stupidly left me too close to the bomblet I'd just dropped. Even as Double Edge blew up, the fire on board got out of control and combined with the damage I took from my own bomb, that was enough to spell curtains for me. At least I died doing what I loved.

It seems fitting. I like the tactical choice of Genius, but I think you want Engine Upgrade to get out of range if dropping after your move... I make a mental note for upcoming battle.

Ok one ship each. Whilst I am nicely on your tail, there are better ships that one can follow.

Turns 7-10

After this, we had a one-on-one duel with injured ships to resolve. Ryad flew in for the kill - straight into a seismic charge, much to my amusement.

This amusement was short lived, though, as I misjudged my next turn and flew off the board edge! Kas very sportingly nudged me back on for a spot of stress instead, but I was now out of bombing options as I couldn't spend an action to drop the prox mines.

Seemed fair, not a nice way to win; especially when can't see properly. Keeping on the board and losing action as you do a last minute course correct seems a reasonable option. (I think that's what we did before when happened too).

Instead, Ryad started picking off the rest of my hull. Two critical hits for four damage! I wasn't in good shape.

Unlucky draw there.

And sure enough, despite being able to shoot backwards as I fled, the nimble interceptor was just too quick to hit, whereas I was taking flak all the way. As I attempted to curve round the last corner, I ended up with my flank exposed, and blew up shortly afterwards.

I keep up the high speed to ensure I have an evade if need, but with so much green I can push the limit to heart's content to keep the offensive up.

Airlocker Room

Two good games.

Indeed, thank you.

And boy, do I like the new bomber. I may well combine it with a Quadjumper at some point, or see if I can pack in a third (bomb-equipped) ship to cover the entire board with a minefield in advance of the game. Kas also fancies taking it with Nym in a Rebel list, which has some great options available.

You and your Quadjumpers ;)

Yep, next game I am stealing the Scurrg and see what I can do with it. I like the look of it. Although I have never been great with bombs... at least with the bomblet generator I can throw them out without thinking I may be wasting a precious token.

X-Wing is the world's best selling miniature game at the moment, I hear. I can completely see why, it's a cracker of a game. Here's to more in the near future!

Maybe sooner than you think...

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