Narrative Campaigns

We have amassed quite a library of battle reports, tournament and friendly, and which are usually told from the perspective of the player.

We also, from time to time, write up a series of battle reports as a campaign narrative (like you used to find in the old White Dwarfs, if you're feeling nostalgic).

The Ark of Alternatives

What lies within the fabled Ark of Alternatives, and who shall possess its secrets? The Daemon Prince Tzcharazang? Mighty Ogroid Scraan? The Enigmatic Summoner? Zhi'anex the AllSeer? Zosimos the Curseling? Enchantron Glazaar? Calvera's Changehost? Magister Zonaranoz? Are they all working together to further the machinations of the Changer of Ways, or out to win personal glory in the eye of the Great Conspirator?
  1. Mean Streets: Chaos vs Destruction
    No mere goblin would keep his destiny from being fulfilled. Tzcharazang cawed softly to himself, safe in the knowledge his day had come at last.
    "Grom," the greenskins chanted. "Grom! Grom! Grom!"

  2. Ritual of Rot: Mortals of Nurgle vs Disciples of Tzeentch
    "Fitting, no?" the sorcerer asked. "That we dechtroy it in shuch a plache."
    "It is indeed, wizard," the mighty Lord of Plagues replied. "Nothing surer than ruin and death. All shall fall, all shall fail. This Ark, what alternatives can it have for inevitability? None."

  3. It's Raining Men: Tzeentch Arcanists vs Brayherd
  4. Two red stars were falling, leaving bloody scars on the morning.
    "Champions of the Blood God," Scraan said. "Fallen from favour. Khorne has cast them out. We shall take them, although they will not come willingly. Their blood will flow at the appointed time."

  5. Remember the Tzaalamo: Tzeentch Mortals vs Slaves to Darkness
    They were great warriors, in their way. Each a mighty champion of the ruinous powers, their weapons soaked red. But against the inscrutable machinations of the Great Architect, they were lost sheep. And sheep, Warlock thought, were born to be sheared.

  6. Any Old Iron: Ironjawz vs Disciples of Tzeentch
    "Dey are comin' fer it," said his Warchanter, Groll, tapping out his two stikks while he spoke. They had not reached the ear-bursting beat of battle, but the gods-infused stikks were knocking out an impatient tempo. Every heartbeat brought them closer to slaughter.

  7. Smeltdown: Disciples of Tzeentch vs Ironjawz
    "Come hither, boy. I shall show you a new rite, your very own transformation ahead of the great Day of Change. You shall become more powerful than you ever expected! You shall behold the Vortex, and become its bearer!

  8. Electric Duel-a-Ghoul: Flesh-Eater Courts vs Disciples of Tzeentch
  9. Sir Loin ate heartily from his venison stew, scooping the generous cuts of meat from their thick, warm gravy before sinking his teeth into the trencher with a satisfying crunch. 
  10. "I have a dozen of my finest warriors at hand. Let us fetch them from their supper table and thence to battle. The quest will sharpen their appetite."

The Travels and Travails of Phlothos

Phlothos Orgmeier, champion of Nurgle, journeys through forest, over ravine and under mountain to seek his revenge. Step by rotting step, his Chaos warband battles its way through anyone who'll stop him.
  1. Forest of Gloom: Warriors of Chaos vs Wood Elves
    "You see there? Just beyond the end of the bridge?" she pointed with a gnarled finger. "The statue. It was once an Elven waystone, a marker for the way through one of their sanctuaries. It still has some power. If I infuse it with the blessing of Nurgle, the infections will follow the old flow of magic through the wood. We will follow behind."

  2. Orksodus: Savage Orcs vs Warriors of Chaos
    "Don't let dem get past dis boundary," said Wurrzag. "Dey shall not pass. Dat is da will of Gork."
    The stone axe scraped against his club, and Bonekrunk was ready to fight. "Ere we go," he said with determination.
    "Or possibly Mork," the shaman added.

  3. Brink of Doom: Warriors of Chaos (Nurgle) vs Warriors of Chaos (Slaanesh)
    Sigvald idly tweaked the nipples of his breastplate. "This entire realm is an affront to my fair eyes" he yawned. "Pray tell me: is Phlothos amongst them?"
    "He is, oh Scion of Slaanesh. He has not yet crossed the canyon, although his allies have: chariots, a giant and ... something far more terrible."

  4. Mines of Morag: Night Goblins vs Warriors of Chaos
    Phlothos sat heavily in his throne, the blackness of the cavern matched his mood perfectly. They'd already consigned the putrid carcass to the depths of the well. He'd wept as the swollen chunks of his old friend slithered out of sight. He still wept now. Something was leaking out of his eye, at any rate.
    The goblins had come chattering out of the tunnels before the respectful silence of the funeral had finished. Listlessly, Phlothos sent his men forward, ready to slay the tiny defilers. 

  5. Shore Leave: Warriors of Chaos vs Dark Elves
    "Them, my lord. Naggarothi pirates, I should say."
    Phlothos looked. There indeed, stealing out of the blasted landscape like thieves, was a substantial warband of elves. Riders and footmen alike had deep blue and purple cloaks. Some pushed bolt throwers, others goaded some vast, writhing creature ahead of them, treating it like a monstrous ox.
    "What are they doing here?" Phlothos wondered.
    "Does it matter?"

  6. Marauder Dawn: The Empire vs Warriors of Chaos
    Salaga contemplated the gold coins in his hand. "The Burgomeister is worried," he concluded. "He's never paid us in advance before."
    The paymaster was busying himself among the mercenary regiments, freely distributing stipends and promising more if they fought hard. They'd marched a long way through the Border Princes to take this job, and it seemed their leader had doubts that they'd be marching back.

  7. The Last Round: Warriors of Chaos vs Dwarves
    Phlothos flapped his ghastly wings and settled on a nearby outcrop of rock to gloat over his handiwork."Your Majesty!" he bellowed, "One of your own returns to the Hearth! Shall we take ale together and parley? Drink deep and twine beards as once our fathers did? Or have the Dwarves of Garn truly no regard for their kin?"

The Wizard's Cup

Eight wizards, each leading mirrored Empire armies, take on their fellow spellcasters in an escalating knockout competition to decide which magical college is the greatest.

The actual battles are player-perspective, with the narrative provided before and after each conflict.

  • Quarter-Final 1: Fire vs Death
    Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
    Gesper studied the interaction of the other Winds of Magic with Shyish, the purple wind of death. After many years, he'd had decided that he needed to experience death in order to complete his studies, a death that had to be directly caused by an incantation of another Lore's magic.

  • Quarter-Final 2: Heavens vs Beasts
    Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
    "Of the skies!"
    "Of the land!"
    "It has wings! It is quite clearly an emblem of the skies!"
    "It's got the heart of a beast, the mind of a beast and the temper of a wild bloody beast! If you think it's anything but a beast, you're an even greater clod than you look!"

  • Quarter-Final 3: Shadow vs Life
    Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
    "You're a plague in the town's body, nothing more, Farren!" Arabella Artz called into the empty museum. "It's time to cure the disease!"
    Beside her, the captain of the town's soldiers stood alert, sword drawn in one hand, lantern held aloft in the other. His men were scattered through the wings of the museum behind them.
    "There's nothing there," he whispered to her. "Just shadows."

  • Quarter-Final 4: Metal vs Light
    Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
    Schaeffer felt more like a mechanic than a wizard. It didn't help that he was knee-deep in thaumachanical valve tubing and holding a colossal wrench-stave. Still, he'd spent years first becoming one of Nuln's foremost Gold Wizards. And years more working on the Deliverance Engine. Years again convincing the Light College to work with him.
    Today, it would all pay off.

  • Semi-Final 1: Death vs Beasts
    Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
    "The guard has already attempted to remove this madman from the city. Thirty of them are dead. More wounded or maddened themselves. They are not equipped to deal with wizards."

  • Semi-Final 2: Shadow vs Light
    Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
    The Grey Wizard was trussed and bound. A chunk of obsidian had been wrapped in a gag and slotted into his mouth. Arcane wind sinks were engraved into the copper bowl he lay in. There would be no tricks, no illusions to hide behind.

  • Final: Death vs Shadow
    Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
    'I have uncovered a conspiracy,' Undrache wrote. 'A dark man, beholden to nobody. He has grown old, but feels he still has work to do. He will not explain to them what this work is. He will not entrust it to them or others. He has instead turned to magics that even the Grey College describe as questionable to preserve his mission."

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